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The way to the 'wirt
Kirchenwirt and all of its facilities are situated in Graz-Mariatrost, specifically at Kirchplatz 9, 8044 Graz-Mariatrost. The lie of the land immediately around the Mariatrost Basilica makes it very easy for you to find us: Purberg, on which both the Basilica and Kirchenwirt are built, rises clearly above the adjacent development. There have even been reports of disoriented guests being more or less guided to lunch from above.

Arrival by private car
Regarding your mode of arrival there are no limits - okay, we don't have a helicopter landing site, but, with appropriate approval and if the large parkingarea is not blocked by cars, this is also possible. In principle, with a car with a navigation device there should be no problem. That said, we are aware of reports of occasions when this technology has sent guests in the wrong direction. Some navigation devices contain both our address – Kirchplatz 9, 8044 Graz-Mariatrost – and also a Kirchplatz 9, 8044 Graz Niederschöckl. Unfortunately some guests have arrived there by mistake. This can be avoided by entering the precise address, namely Kirchplatz 9, 8044 Graz-Mariatrost. If you are coming to us from the city centre without a navigation system, Heinrichstraße is your most important reference point. This road leads north west from Geidorfplatz and soon joins the Mariatrosterstraße. By taking this street you will see the Basilica after only a few kilometres and can't possibly fail to find us.

Arrival by aeroplane
If you shall travel by air, make sure that you fly to Graz Thalerhof - information about this airport is available at The S-Bahn connects the airport to Graz's main railway station, although we would like to point out that you must accept several minutes walk as the stop is not located immediately within the airport grounds. The bus stop is however located directly in front of the airport terminal building.

Arrival by train, tram and by taxi
Wherever you start out from, the final objective of all train journeys to Graz is the main station. Information about rail travel to and from Graz is available at
Please take tram line 1, direction Mariatrost from the station all the way to the final stop in Mariatrost. This lies at the foot of Purberg, in direct view from the Basilica and Kirchenwirt. We would like to point out two things concerning this journey.
1. Kirchenwirt can indeed be easily reached from the tram line 1 final tram stop via the steps leading up to the Basilica - walking time ca. 5 minutes. Whereas this can be managed without problems by restaurant guests, hotel guests with a lot of luggage are best advised not to arrive in this manner. It is worth getting in touch with us shortly before your arrival in order to organise the collection of your luggage from the tram stop.
2. The Graz main station forecourt is presently undergoing extensive remodelling work. As a result of this, the tram stop in front of the station is continually being relocated and there can be delays to public transport.
With a taxi, arrival presents absolutely no problem. The city has many taxi ranks. The radio ordering service can be reached under Tel. +43(0)316 878.

May one smoke on your premises?
A good question, that unfortunately we must as a basic principle answer in the negative. The entire indoor area is smoke-free. The only exception is the guest restaurant, when this is open. There is indeed a cigarette dispenser in the foyer but this has primarily a decorative function. Amazingly it still ejects packets every now and then, admittedly however only after first being fed with schilling coins. Smokers are therefore advised to bring their own smoking materials with them because these are not sold on our establishment.

As you can gather from our history, our restaurant and hotel are located in a building which is in part protected as an historic monument. This structural fact unfortunately renders it impossible for us to incorporate a lift. That said, all rooms within the establishment can be reached without difficulty.

Parking area
There is ample free parking space for all restaurant and hotel guests.

Hotel Pfeifer Kirchenwirt
Kirchplatz 9
8044 Graz, Österreich

T: +43 316 3911120
F: +43 316 39111249

G: +47° 6' 25.85", +15° 29' 33.35"

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