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Eating well at Kirchenwirt

Classics of Austrian cuisine occupy a permanent place within our culinary offering. These include "Fritatten" (sliced pancake) soup as well as "Tafelspitz" (boiled prime beef), pan-fried calf Wiener Schnitzel and beef specialities from Styrian ALMOchsen.

As is so often the case in life, the choice of direct, traditional and clear approaches leads to success. Products from the region around Graz are served at our tables when they are in season. Aside from meals that are served year-round, certain dishes have, as a result, a fixed place in our kitchen. Baked carp at Christmas, Easter lamb and "Maibock" (May buck) find themselves on the menu on these occasions just as fresh asparagus from Blumau does during springtime.

Head cook Ludwig Grininger makes home made blood and liver sausages using notes kept by Josef Pfeifer I, the grandfather of the present landlord and founder of the tradition of Kirchenwirt management by the Pfeiffer family which now spans three generations. Grandmother Margarethe Pfeifer's recipe book is also a source of dishes that would otherwise have been forgotten long ago, for instance the tempting "Kirchenwirtkrapferl", a combination of whipped cream, bisquit and homemade hot chocolate sauce. Incidentally, 10% of the revenues from this dessert are channelled into the coffers of the Mariatrost Basilica. There are even those who believe that they receive a kind of indulgence through excessive enjoyment of this Kirchenwirtkrapferl and the support for the Basilica resulting from this......

Our youngest Guests ...

... can naturally get their ice cream cones in winter too. We really love to make exceptions for children in our kitchen. It can easily happen that we serve the young guests dishes that their parents can't find on the menu, even after studying it several times.

Hotel Pfeifer Kirchenwirt
Kirchplatz 9
8044 Graz, Österreich

T: +43 316 3911120
F: +43 316 39111249

G: +47° 6' 25.85", +15° 29' 33.35"

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