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In Vino Veritas

The beauty of a large wine cellar lies not in the enormous space it offers, but rather the chance to deal in detail with the variety of wine. One opens a bottle, degusts, makes notes, samples and learns.

Over the course of the last two decades the taste in wine of the average guest has changed in the direction of more knowledge of wine and more awareness of wine quality. In our wine cellar, as well as the best domestic red and white wines that are an excellent accompaniment to food, we have also carefully extended our stocks of foreign wines suitable for laying down. We are thus in the happy position of being able to recommend you a suitable wine to accompany every dish.

Our cellar contains several thousand bottles of good wine, some of which were sold out long ago.

Info: Hangover

When, the day before, the planned three glasses of white wine instead became six bottles of Sauvignon, one feels rather hung-over. We have a remedy for this: "reparaturbier" (repair beer): 0.2 or 0.3 litre on draught, available from us at the bar and in the restaurant. Just one though please, or the previous day's intoxication will return.

From our wine cellar

Morillon „Grassnitzberg”, vineyard Skoff Walter, Gamlitz, 2005

Pinot Gris, vineyard Scheucher, Labuttendorf, 2009

Hotel Pfeifer Kirchenwirt
Kirchplatz 9
8044 Graz, Österreich

T: +43 316 3911120
F: +43 316 39111249

G: +47° 6' 25.85", +15° 29' 33.35"

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