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Who doesn't know this: more than 15 persons cannot be perfectly hosted in a private household without problems.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the host's culinary skills, but rather with the associated logistics. Particularly when the guests are expecting warm food, this number of persons makes it a major challenge to present the meals in a reasonable form and to serve everyone at once. This almost never works out.

The hostess moreover has barely any time for her guests, because she is always in the kitchen. We devised a remedy for this many years ago. Since take away food doesn't address the root of the problem, we have built up a perfect catering structure which has long since left the private setting.

We Recommend ...

To discover the variety within our culinary offering please refer to our menu.

Everything else to do with the subject of wine can be found in our wine list.



Hotel Pfeifer Kirchenwirt
Kirchplatz 9
8044 Graz, Österreich

T: +43 316 3911120
F: +43 316 39111249

G: +47° 6' 25.85", +15° 29' 33.35"

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